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Here you will find a wealth of information about our wonderful dog breed, the Alaskan Nanuks. Alaskan Nanuks are truly beautiful and unique dogs, and unlike any other dog in the world!
We used dogs from all over the world to create the Alaskan Nanuks, this is no simple mix!  Like many other people, we loved Nordic and Spits breed dogs. We gawked over the beautiful bright blue eyes of the Siberian Huskies, and our hearts melted from the sweet nurturing personalities of the Samoyed. But one thing we noticed about these beautiful dogs, Huskies, Samoyed, Malamutes, and many others, were how plain their coat coloring and patters were. The dogs themselves were as different as night and day, Samoyed were VERY fluffy and sweet, Huskies were energetic and head strong, Keeshond are short & bouncy, Malamutes are lazy and clumsy. But, when it comes to color, HOW BORING!!!  Samoyed are all white, Keeshond are black and brown, and Huskies and malamutes have 3 different colors, but all the same pattern! And the only one of them to sport the crystal blue eyes is the Siberian Husky! 
We knew we loved these dogs, and we felt they should look as beautiful and unique on the outside as they were on the inside! So we started our long journey to making the Alaskan Nanuks. Our goal with the Alaskan Nanuks, is to bring people a unique, one of a kind, healthy family member , who is sure to turn heads where ever they go! We also have colors and patterns that you will not find on any other Spitz breed! So that is a little about us, we guarantee you have never seen dogs like ours before, unless it was another Nanuk! You will not be disappointed, and we have more information on the " About Alaskan Nanuks " Tab.


Our Nanuks come in 3 sizes:

Toy - (11-20 lbs)

Mini - (21-30 lbs)

Standard - (31-50 lbs)


This breed has taken many years to create, but is still a very new & rare breed. So we encourage responsible pet owners & breeders to adopt these amazing cuties.


We have a very strict breeding standard with our Alaskan Nanuks. Our Alaskan Nanuks come with an extra health guarantee besided the standard health certificate. We guarantee our babies from having genetic issues.


On that note, please be cautious when buying an Alaskan Nanuk from another breeder. They might not follow our strict breeding guide lines. If they do not offer you our "Alaskan Nanuk certification" with their puppies, then we did not approve that litter & they will not be on our data registry list.