About the "Alaskan Nanuks" and how we got this far!

Our Alaskan Nanuks have a fantastic temperament. They are very laid-back and loving family dogs. They enjoy going for a walk and love having their cuddle time. Their coat is fluffy and an soft as a bunny . Their coat maintenance is no where near what you would expect for a long haired dog. With their triple coat you can bush a good amount of hair out, but they won't be randomly leaving it throughout your home. Below is a video of our Coco (standard size). He was coming back from his walk an got a bit excited to see me, but you can see what I 'm talking about regarding their coat and shedding.

If you message me a number to contact you, I can get more in detail on the breeds we used to create our gorgeous laid-back Nanuks. Even though we can divulge the breeds; the exact % and mix's is for us only. This is important because we are very diligent with genetics and the temperaments of our dogs, before allowing them to be part of our breeding program. We do not want an irresponsible breeder or breeders trying to replicate what we have created, by going the cheap route. Again our Nanuks have a fantastic, laid-back loving nature to them. If well cared for ,our Nanuks can have a long healthy life spans. Our babies are bred to be loving family dogs!

Our Alaskan Nanuks come in 4 different sizes:
- Micro (8-14 lbs)
- Toy (15-20 lbs)
- Miniatures (21-30 lbs)
- Standard (31-55 lbs)

Traditional coat color:
- Black & White
- Red & White
- White Pied (Black/Red/Grey)

Unique color coats:
- Brown & Black
- Mostly Black, with some Brown
- Mostly Black, with some White
- Gray & White
- Blue Merle
- Blue Merle Pied
- Red Merle
- Red Merle Pied